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Talent Titans

Talent Titans #22 - Candidates In Your Client's Database

Suky talks on the subject of submitting candidates who are already in your client's database, and how…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans Interview with Ryan Atkinson, President at Direqlink

  Suky: Good morning Ryan and welcome. As part of our ongoing series, Talent Titans, we’re…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #21: How to Deal With A Difficult Hiring Manager (Follow Up)

Suky tackles a difficult question for a recruiter: how to deal with a difficult hiring manager as outlined…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #20 - Hiring Managers and "Great candidate, but..."

Suky has a bit of a rant over Hiring Managers who look for every reason not to hire a candidate instead…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #19 - New Recruiters and Outbound Targets

Suky talks about all the new recruiters out there, and why outbound call volume is one of the most important…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #18 - How to Deal With Having a Great Candidate, but No Role

Suky dives in to the frustrating scenario of having an excellent candidate, but no live order they're…