rec2rec recruiting

We have a twenty-year track record of successfully finding, engaging, and placing key talent for recruitment businesses.

We recruit experienced recruitment professionals for sales, delivery, and leadership roles with established regional and national brands, local boutiques and startups, and international agencies expanding to Canada and the United States.

Committed to helping you grow

Building sales, recruitment, and leadership teams for the talent industry relies on understanding the long-term strategy. The right hires are critical for success, whether you’re expanding to new markets, adding new lines of business, or growing your market share. You need experienced candidates that understand your market and your business.

We have over twenty years of experience helping owners, executives, and managers of recruitment businesses build stronger teams. Our client experience is tailored to help you manage business change and maximize growth potential. We combine a consultative approach with rigorous research and onboarding to make sure we are able to add value as your recruiters, brand ambassadors, and long-term professional partners.

A roadmap for success

Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that we identify, attract and engage the right talent to drive the business outcomes you’re looking for—experienced professionals who fundamentally get it.

It starts with deep background research to understand your business and market as a whole followed by rigorous onboarding of every search. We pay particular attention to ensuring that we understand what you’re trying to do and that we’re the right people to help you do it. Then we develop a tailored search targeting, marketing, and outreach strategy.

We engage and select talent using discreet, professional outreach and structured candidate assessment alongside good old fashioned networking—we’re not ones to shy away from picking up the phone.

Building lasting relationships

We make sure that candidates are prepared, informed, and qualified from the outset. If necessary, we bind candidates to nondisclosure agreements to protect you during sensitive searches and make sure we’re able to give candidates fair disclosure.

Once we’ve found, engaged, and vetted in-market talent, we present prospective hires and manage the interview process and corresponding timelines. We brief and debrief every step of the way to make sure that there is clear context and communication throughout the interview process. Then we help both parties to navigate the preparing, extending, and negotiating offers. We focus on ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to come to the table and put their best foot forward.

Finally, we follow every search with long-term candidate and client support and close follow-up . Whether helping you stay abreast of changes across the market or helping you keep in touch with relevant talent, we thrive on long-term partnerships.

rec2rec growth

It all starts with the right people.

Speak to a consultant to find out how we can help you grow your team.