Effective, consistent, and repeatable sales and recruitment functions are crucial to the long-term growth of any recruitment agency.

With over twenty years of experience advising leaders in the recruitment industry on talent acquisition and development, we’re uniquely placed to help build critical skills in your team.

If you’re looking at structured training for your recruitment and sales teams, or developing your training function, we can help.

A tailored approach

We offer custom written, classroom, and virtual training packages for recruitment agencies.

Training engagements begin with a comprehensive look at your business and the specific, measurable behaviours and outcomes you’re trying to drive.

We work closely with your executive and frontline leadership teams to agree performance goals from your training—you might want to drive a change in a metric like time-to-fill or improve desk-level revenue by a given amount—then we build a training plan laser-focused on getting there.

We focus on driving lasting change within your business. Your leadership team is involved at every stage to make sure that your team see consistent performance advice, coaching, and follow-through.

Measuring performance improvement

Driving business change isn’t a one-time job.

Before anything is put in front of your team, we’ll work with you to make sure that you’re set up to accurately and efficiently measure the relevant behaviour and performance indicators so that you can manage long-term change.

Whether it’s customizing your ATS installation to intelligently capture the right information or making sure you’ve got useful and automated reporting on key metrics, there’s a lot that goes in to making sure that you’re set up to turn training sessions into a lasting shift in the way your team do business.

Invest in your team’s success

Speak to a consultant to find out how we can help improve your team’s performance