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Talent Titans

Talent Titans #39 - Is Cold Calling Rude?

Suky dives into a situation that unfolded on her LinkedIn feed, where recruiters and other discussed…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #38 - Why Salary Isn't Everything

Suky goes into some detail on why it's not always a good idea to choose the job that gives the highest…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #37 - Analyzing KPIs for Recruiters

Suky talks about how important it is to pick a few KPIs to be measured on for recruiters, some examples…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #36 - Passive Candidates and "Why would I take this role?"

Suky explains one of the most important recruitment skills in today's market - recruiting passive candidates.…
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Talent Titans #35 - Is It Better to Learn a Sector, or How To Recruit First

Suky goes in to some detail on the issue of learning a core vertical and then getting into recruiting…
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Talent Titans #34 - Personality Assessments In The Hiring Process

Suky talks about her take on personality assessments during the hiring process, where she sees the value…