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Talent Titans

Talent Titans #33 - Rude Calls and Why You Should Trust Your Team

This week, Suky talks about an experience she had a few weeks ago with a candidate who called the office…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #32 - Do Recruiters Need to Meet Every Candidate?

Suky discusses a question that has come up a lot lately in the recruitment world - is it really necessary…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #31 - What NOT to do During a Hiring Process

Suky talks about an experience she had with a job applicant on LinkedIn, and speaks about how important…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #30 - Career Introspection During the Holidays

Suky talks about how recruiters feel at the end of the year and goes through a couple of tips on how…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #29 - Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid Near the Holidays (and all the time!)

Suky is in the festive spirit this week as she talks about a few recruiting mistakes she sees sometimes…
Talent Titans

Talent Titans #28 - Choosing Between Agency and Corporate Recruitment

This week, Suky talks a bit about some of the differences between the agency world and the internal world…