Talent Titans #5 – Sending Unsolicited CVs

Suky explains why sending a CV without either the candidate’s knowledge or an existing client relationship is almost always a grave mistake



Hi I’m Suky from Professional Selection. Today I’d like to talk about why you should not send out a speculative CV to a client you haven’t
signed terms with or in fact you haven’t even spoken to. Think about it: would you accept a delivery and pay for a delivery
of something that you haven’t actually ordered?

So what’s prompted this today? Well I was actually reading a update on LinkedIn from an actual end user client. He was saying he’d received
a CV from a recruiter that he had not spoken to, had not engaged with. Yet the CV of the candidate was actually what he was looking for. He
wasn’t sure whether he should pay for that candidate or not. It’s an interesting gray area now, and it could have easily been avoided by the
recruiter in the first place.

So let’s put this to one side, what the client should do, what is right, and what is wrong. But from a recruiters point of view why
would you do that? Why would you not at least pick up the phone and establish some sort of relationship or rapport with your potential new
hiring manager client and then move forward from there? Even if you are going to send out a speculative CV, at least remove any confidential
information, anything where by that hiring manager could quite easily work out who the candidate is and contact them directly.

Because else what are you doing? You’re giving away your candidate pool that your work really really hard to engage, nurture, etc.
You’re giving them away for free. So as I said just don’t do it. Pick up the phone, communicate with your client first. Ideally come to an
agreement on terms – that’s basic 101 of our industry. I fail to understand why a lot of recruiters simply don’t do that and simply fire out
CVs. The industry gets a bad rap anyhow so let’s not help the end users give us even more negativity.

Anyhow, as always we’d love to hear your comments. Look forward to speaking to you soon.

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