Talent Titans #26 – The Value of a Good Recruiter

Suky talks about the exceptional value a good recruiter can bring to your job search and your career overall.



Hi I’m Suky from Professional Selection. Today I’d like to talk about why you should use a recruiter in your career search, that
next job search. There are a number of different reasons but firstly working with a recruiter, especially if you’re not ready to move
today, you’re looking for a strategical career move. That’s a relationship that you can build. They can really get to understand
exactly what that role would look like for you in order for you to make a move. What you see is your next career progression timelines etc.

So it’s always a great idea to build that relationship with a recruiter kind of before you really need them. That’s the ideal time to
build that relationship. But that’s not always the case. So if you are looking for a position in in the near future: working with a recruiter
here are some of the benefits and they’re now actually in no particular order.

Recruiters have access to jobs that are not necessarily advertised out there in the public domain. There’s a number of reasons why companies
choose not to advertise all their jobs. Part of it could be confidentiality, strategy, just a number of different reasons. A good
recruiter who has a solid relationship with that client is a partner to them, so he is going to be aware of those roles that are coming.
So that’s that’s one of the benefits. Also, if the recruiter has truly partnered with that client you as a candidate can benefit from their
expertise and knowledge on that company. Where they were, they’re starting, or where they were six years ago, six months ago. Where the
company vision is going, how you fit into that vision, but also the individuals that are in that role. They have worked with those hiring
managers so they know those individuals personally – their management style etc. So that’s always definitely going to help

Also a recruiter can act as a good sounding board for you. So for example you may have seen a job that our recruiters advertised for for
a company. Even before you reach out to that company – sorry – even before the recruiter reaches out to that company on your behalf,
you’re able to use that recruiter as a sounding board. See what else that job involves, why it’s there, see how much of a fit it actually
is. Because ultimately at the end of the day you already have a full-time job – so you don’t want to go applying and interview for jobs that
are not really suitable or fit with what you’re looking for in your career.

Also,if you’ve gone through that hiring process that recruiter can help you through out the hiring process. The different interview
stages – they can give you information on how you compare to some of the other candidates. Now just to be clear they can’t give you
confidential information, but they can help you benchmark so they can help you. They’ll work with you and guide you,
coach you on how to present yourself at that interview. Not just from a communication point of view but some of the skill sets that you
may not have necessarily highlighted. Some of the projects you may have worked on previously that could help you secure this role.

So definitely a recruiter can definitely help you with that and every recruiter should. What happens if the recruiter is hiring for a
company that you’d love to get into, but you don’t have the skill sets and there’s not a job advertised. Again, coming back to what I said
earlier, if they don’t even have a confidential job a good recruiter – if they feel you are a cultural fit for one of the hiring
managers – a good recruiter is going to make that hiring manager aware of your interest in the company. Now just to be clear there’s got
to be some sort of synergy, relevance in your career history. But they’re going to talk to that hiring manager and they may be able to
create a role for you. You just never know because at the end of day these are relationships.

Now, last but not least: what about your confidentiality? Now you can go applying to 20 different jobs via the internet, job boards and
just through other social media efforts but what’s happening with your confidentiality? Reality is you’re hoping it’s not going to get
breached. Now there are employers out there who have steps in place to ensure that, but if you’ve sent your CV directly via email to your
competitor, your competitor now knows you’re not happy in your role. One of two things will come from that: he’ll either “great let’s speak
to you, let’s start talking to you”, or if they have no opportunity they could use that information in many different ways. At the end of
the day, people talk. Working with a recruiter and having that relationship, you can be ensured of your confidentiality. No recruiter is going
to send your CV out to a company without your permission, and they will already have experience, steps, checks and balances in place that
your CV does not just float around around the company. So that’s one we don’t often think about and we trust people yes, but sometimes
people just make mistakes. So confidentiality is definitely a really important one for you.

Anyhow at the end of the day I’m sure there’s many other reasons that other recruiters will think of but these are just some of the
ones I’m thinking of right now. As always, we’d love to hear your comments, feel free to leave a message below.
Thanks for listening.

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