Talent Titans #44 – Retention and Training In The Recruitment Industry

Suky talks about some tips for training and developing new recruiters, as well as some strategies for encouraging those individuals to stay in the industry.



Hi I’m Suky from Professional Selection. I’d like to follow up on a video that I’d done a couple of weeks ago about
attracting fresh blood and new talent to the recruitment industry. As a follow up from that so now you have two, three new
recruiters coming into the industry, coming into your business. No industry experience, may even be their first jobs.
What are you going to do with them? How are you going to ramp them up and and train them for success and longevity?
Because at the end of the day it takes a good 12, 18, 24 months to get a desk running and being successful.

One thing I strongly suggest you don’t do is sit them down with a good old yellow pages and say pick up the
phone and start calling people and here’s the script. Reading scripts does not work, period. Get rid of them. I would encourage
you to have a training program that’s aligned with the learning style of the individuals that you’re hiring. So for
example somebody like me, do not stick me in a classroom five days a week and I’m sitting there feeling as if I’m back at
school. I don’t learn like that, I hate it, it’s not the way I learn. Now stick me in an office and I’m watching others, I’m
learning a little bit, I’m putting it into play, yes absolutely love that. So if that is your training style, the classroom
based, make sure as a part of your hiring process you’re hiring individuals who actually gravitate towards that. If your style is
no we don’t have a real structured classroom based training program for a month, week one and so forth then make sure you explain
that to the candidate in the in the interview selection process.

So you’ve brought somebody on and you’re starting to train them. As I said earlier do not stick him on the phone day one, you
know the minute they start. I would encourage you to encourage them to sit with number of different recruiters and understand
their different styles and then you’ve got things like the script. As I said don’t give him a script, but everybody has to find
their style. So what I would suggest you do is give that new hire the opportunity to put a script together that they feel
works for them, and then get into a roleplay with other members of the team. Get them to roleplay with family and friends too
until they get really comfortable. Once they’re comfortable and they’ve got that intro right, put them on the phone, because that
confidence level is going to speak volumes, and we all know first impressions. So if they’re ringing up a potential client or a
candidate and they’re sounding natural and confident of course it’s just going to go a lot easier.

Fast-forward, you’ve invested all this time, energy, money, into training somebody, how are you going to get them to stay?
Well again that’s a difficult one because if you’re a small business and you have no plans to open up a new location or a new
division and you’ve got somebody that’s really ambitious and they want to do another startup, if that simply doesn’t align with
you be honest with the individual. At the end of the day, wouldn’t it be better to have somebody work for you that you’ve had
a good two, three years worth of commitment from and then they move on to another company? Give them your blessing. If you’ve got
somebody that wants that clear progression and you have as a part of your strategy and growth that yes you’re going to be opening
new branches and so forth well bring that individual into the conversation. Start training them six, twelve months before you’re
ready and they’re ready to make that move. It’s all about that continuous learning. It’s always going to be continuous learning
some learning they’re going to do on the job, some learning it’s going to be classroom or YouTube videos and whatever the case may
be. But at the end of the day I encourage you to make sure you have some structured training in place that works for your company
and works for the individuals that you’re hiring.

As always, I’m sure there’s many different opinions and thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for listening.

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