Talent Titans #7 – Common Sense and Good Judgement

Newcomer to Talent Titans, Chris, talks about common sense and professionalism in the interview process, recruitment, and business in general.



Hey everyone this is Chris here from Professional Selection to say hi to you all. I’m here today to talk to you about common
sense and good judgment. Now in recruitment, especially for the recruitment industry here, common sense and good judgment…

Everyone’s got stories about their candidates coming in there and saying, you know what today over the lunch table “my candidate,
you know what he did something today that was completely out of the blue something I’ve never seen before, could never
imagine someone else doing when going into an interview or when speaking on the phone to a client’s or to yourself.”
These professional situations that recruiters see every day and they put other people in and sometimes are in themselves.

In the case of actually our business here in rec2rec we deal with recruiters every day and these professional scenarios they
come to a point where you expect everyone to be professional especially other recruiters with us. Day-to-day you
expect the people who’ve seen these atrocities that other people can create in a professional setting to be able to
avoid that especially simple things. Simple things that they become atrocities only because they’re so
simple and you really think that no one would do that. For example chewing gum – chewing gum in an interview. I mean
there should be no level of complacency that you get to where you’re comfortable, you think you’ve got this, “I’ve got this
interview whatever”, instead of trying your best. What you should be doing is definitely trying your best making yourself all
that much more presentable coming in, suit and tie, whatever, dressed to the nines going in there being presentable and professional.
No, no. Sometimes you see even recruiters chewing gum in interviews it’s unbelievable, it happened to me with a
candidate of mine. I couldn’t believe it. When we got the feedback it was oh just so, so disheartening and you know
what it’s common sense like that even wearing proper shoes, proper shorts or…

Proper short.. – shorts is a good thing never wear shorts! It’s something that you know what you really have to pay attention to.
No matter how complacent, no matter how much you’ve got this in the bag you got to pay attention to it. So no matter if
you’re a recruiter, if you’re a candidate not in the recruitment industry make sure you’re always remembering the
common stuff, the things that no one is going to prep you for but are expected to really be something that you
follow through with and be professional in your professional meetings, placements, or conversation.

So that’s my bit for today, thank you very much for listening. Definitely give us your thoughts, stories.
I know there’s a lot of them so please do that, and I look forward to speaking with you soon, thanks.

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