Talent Titans #3 – Respect the Industry (and Each Other)

Suky talks about how much negativity and “recruiter bashing” goes on mainly on social media – and strangely how much of it comes from within our own industry.



Hi I’m Suky from Professional Selection. Today I’d like to ask a question, and attempt to answer it: Why is there so much negativity towards recruiters?

Well let’s come from the candidate perspective first. Well first of all they may have had a bad experience. Like every industry we have our Cowboys and I’m not
denying that. But from a candidate point of view, we’re only as good as the last experience they’ve had with us. But also I think part of it is candidates don’t
quite know the industry and the process.

So I’m sure there’s more reasons but they’re my two behind that, but the one I don’t understand is why as an industry we’re so negative towards each
other and quite frankly sometimes bordering rude. Now I’m not suggesting for a second that we shouldn’t hold ourselves accountable, and disagree, and
put difference of opinions on the table. That’s not what I’m suggesting.

Why do I think this is? Well to be really honest, I’m not sure it’s not as clear-cut as the candidate piece is to me so I actually would love to hear some opinions
on this, but a couple of things that I think might be contributing towards that: We’re in the most part type-a personalities. We’re salespeople, we’re competitive.
Which are all fantastic strengths to have because we use these skills and strengths when we’re dealing with candidates and clients to help them achieve their end goal.

But quite frankly sometimes we don’t play nicely in the playground with the other children!

Now what does all this mean? I think we should absolutely continue having healthy constructive debate. A lot of collaboration is fantastic and as an industry
how are we going to move forward and evolve if we don’t do that? But I also do believe there isn’t a need for as much negativity about the industry.

As always, would love to hear your opinion and thoughts so please feel free to comment below, and thanks for listening.

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