Talent Titans #23 – The Basics of LinkedIn

Suky goes into describing some of the basics of LinkedIn, how to post jobs there and how to best represent yourself on the platform.



Hi I’m Suky from Professional Selection. Today I’d like to talk about how to use LinkedIn. In particular, your profile and your
status updates. I actually thought everybody knew the basics of LinkedIn so I was pretty surprised when recently I’ve seen some
recruiters advertising jobs and missing some really key points. So for those that are just starting to use LinkedIn here’s a few
tips. First of all, make sure your profile is updated. Do not say you’re still working for your last company when you’re working
for another company. That’s just going to create confusion, especially if you’ve changed verticals and so forth or region. Also,
the status update: you put a job in there, you put all the technical pieces that the job requires, that’s pretty boring. Which
candidate is looking at that and getting excited about that job? So talk about the culture at this new company give them a
flavor so they can get a sense of the environment of that company.

Money – you know what that’s an interesting one because as we all know companies will give different salary bands. I’m going to
lean towards reference money. Give the candidate an idea of roughly what that client is looking at paying either as a base salary
or as a total comp. Perks of the job – again you need to differentiate your status update so if there is an option to work
from home, put that up there. Whether you’re doing this as bullet point or not really doesn’t matter. It’s making sure you’ve got
that information there.

Last but not least: “I’ve seen your post, I love it, I want to apply for this job.” I’m not connected to you so how do you expect me
to get hold of you? Especially if you’ve now not updated your contact details because if you’re still showing your last employer,
guess what? I’m applying to them for a job they don’t have, so you’ve missed out on a candidate. So I would say in your status update,
put your email sure or cell phone number, whatever, whichever you prefer. Allow the candidate to know exactly how they can
get hold of you.

As always I’m sure there’s loads of other advice, tips that everybody else has used and it’s worked.
We’d love to hear them so feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for listening.

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