Talent Titans #19 – New Recruiters and Outbound Targets

Suky talks about all the new recruiters out there, and why outbound call volume is one of the most important things when first starting out.



Hi I’m Suky from Professional Selection. I’d like to talk about why it’s really important to hit your outbound candidate call target when
coming into the recruitment industry. For the purpose of this I’m going to talk from a recruiter’s perspective, although a lot of these
tips I’m going to give and the reasons can apply from a new business development point of view as well.

When you come into this industry, you’ve got to build a candidate pool. You need to be able to nurture those relationships, understand
what your candidates are looking for, so when that right role comes along you are able to match the right candidate. Speed to market.
We all know especially in IT recruitment. So why, again why are those calls important?

Well think about it – if you come into this industry on week one, month one, you’re making twenty outbound calls a day to candidates.
Well what’s the likelihood of all twenty answering the phone and giving you an opportunity to to start building the relationship?
Pretty unlikely.Maybe out of those 20 you’ll get through to five of those, and maybe if you’re really lucky out of those five one will give
you an opportunity to advance the call further. I.e. Start talking about the roles they’re looking for, find out when their contracts coming
to an end etcetera.

So again, come into this industry, be prepared to make daily outbound calls. I’m gonna go as far as saying you need to be making at least 60
a day. Now those 60 just to clarify is not speaking to sixty candidates it’s having a minimum of 60 candidates to call. So that means
you’ve got to be prepared. You can’t come in the morning and say “Who am I going to call?” that’s something you need to do night before and
better time management, which if you check we’ve spoken about on a different video.

Now fast-forward. You’ve been making your calls. At some stage, month three to four those candidates are gonna start working for you.
The number of outbound calls you’re having to make to cold candidates is gonna go down, but you’re going to still make outbound calls but
they’re going to be to¬†warm candidates. Those candidates are either going to be people that you’ve been speaking to and you’ve been
building the relationship with, or it’s gonna be candidates that those candidates have referred to you. So more than likely they’re going
to be candidates that are actively looking for work.

So you’re still gonna make the same number of calls however far more targeted and you’ve got a candidate that’s looking to make a move or
certainly interested in what you have to say.

So coming to this industry be prepared to make those calls, sort your time management out, start building a relationship. Trust me, after
a while the number of cold calls that you’re making outbound will go down, yet the amount of placements you’re making are going to go
up because suddenly, you’re talking to a network of candidates that are working for you and are actively looking.

Anyhow, as always, we’d love to hear your comments feel free to leave them below, and thanks for listening.

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