Talent Titans #18 – How to Deal With Having a Great Candidate, but No Role

Suky dives in to the frustrating scenario of having an excellent candidate, but no live order they’re suitable for.



Hi I’m Suky from Professional Selection. I’d like to talk about what you as a recruiter can do when you’ve met a fantastic candidate but you simply
don’t have a role for them, and none of your open orders are suitable for them, even though they may have applied for one of those roles.
One thing I know for sure, if you’ve got a great candidate do not put them in your drawer, do not go back to the office and shove that CV in the
drawer and lose it in a pile of paperwork. That ain’t gonna make you money and that’s going to give you an upset candidate.

So during that interview process you have decided – that’s a great candidate. Whatever your recruitment vertical is, based on that you have a fantastic
candidate, and you don’t have a role.

You pick up the phone and you start talking to your existing client base. That’s what you do you, talk to your existing client
base and tell them about the individual that you’ve met. They may not have told you about a role that they’re planning
on hiring, they may have a plan six months down the road, you simply don’t know. Or they may actually create a role for this candidate.
They may well be aware of him and now that they’ve got an opportunity to speak to that candidate. That’s gonna be of interest to them, but
what do you do if your client doesn’t have a role? You’ve got still got this great candidate.

You then sit down with that candidate and you decide the type of companies that he would be suitable for. Now this is you’re collaborating with a
candidate, you’re not telling him that you think he should go to this company. So now you’ve got a list of about 5-10 companies.
Again, it depends on the vertical and how senior the candidate is, that the candidate has expressed an interest in.

That’s the stage you go back to the office and again you pick up the phone. You identify who the hiring manager is and you pick up the phone.
You don’t send an email because that’s what everybody else is doing, and if I don’t know you, why would I read your email?
Doesn’t matter how great your title is, how great a candidate you’re presenting so pick up that phone.

The other part of it is, when you interviewed that candidate originally that they’d applied for a particular role, make sure you tell
them why they’re not suitable for that role. Honesty is the best policy. Let them know this is where I feel you’re not suitable
for that role, but I see all these strengths. So you’re managing your candidates expectations. Then explain to them what you’re going
to do, how you’re going to speak to your existing client base, how you’re going to speak to these potential new clients and
how you’re gonna help them get the job.

Throughout the whole process make sure they understand that you are working on their behalf. They may not hear from you
for about two or three days but that doesn’t mean you’re not working on their behalf. Keep in mind, send them an email at
the end of the week even if you’ve got no news but keep that communication going. Last but not least get the candidate the job.
If your client wants to see him or the new client wants to see him then of course you go into your candidate management
piece. That’s a whole new video so we won’t go into that.

But at the end of the day what am I saying? I’m saying if you’ve got a great candidate do something with them! You’ve got a great
candidate, tell your clients about them. You’ve got a great candidate, tell your candidate that you think they’re great
but also be honest that you don’t have a role for them.

As always, I’m sure there’s other opinions, would love to hear them, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for listening.

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