Talent Titans #16 – How To Let A Candidate Down Easy

Suky describes some techniques and actions you can take to keep a relationship with a candidate even if they are not selected for a role they really wanted.



Hi I’m Suky from Professional Selection. Today I’d like to talk about letting a candidate know that they’ve
not been successful with regards to a role that they have actually invested in some cases weeks, may even have been
months of their time in, and they were really keen on that role. It’s a horrible feeling for any recruiter doesn’t matter
whether you’re an internal or an external recruiter. When you’ve invested that much time with a candidate and they’ve
invested their time, you actually get to know that candidate on a personal level.

So how do you give that feedback? So if you’ve not watched one of our earlier videos on actually giving feedback throughout
the interview process and in getting the feedback from clients, watch that.
In this particular case, throughout the whole process
the candidate knew exactly where he stood and how he compared with the other candidates, but it’s still a really
horrible feeling. So when I had to do this last week I made sure that I knew exactly what it was that the other
candidate brought to my client, or certainly in my clients opinion brought to the table and I allowed the
candidates to know that. I gave him that feedback. Why? Because that’s going to help him in his next role. Certainly we
will continue to work with that candidate, we always do, because ultimately at the end of the day there’s only
one job yet you have multiple candidates.

So never leave a candidate hanging at the eleventh hour that’s gone through that whole process. It’s a horrible call
to have to make, but make that call and make sure you have that feedback.

As always, if you have any comments, feel free to comment below and as I said if you want to learn more about how to
continue giving and getting feedback throughout the interview process watch our earlier video. Thanks for listening.

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